FOIA Request - ISBE

The purpose for this request was to help ascertain the total effect of the Galesburg Community Unit School District #205 Board of Education’s decision to limit the number of school days below the required number of attendance days as outlined in 105 ILCS 5/18-8.05.

Document #1

Document #2

Document #3

The preceding are the original documents I received from the Illinois State Board of Education, in response to the request I filed September 2nd, 2014, under the Freedom of Information Act.

These documents detail communications between Regional Superintendent Bonnie Harris, and members of the ISBE, regarding whether or not changes to the calendar are determined at a local, or state, level.

The first document is the excerpt in its original form. The second document is the result of running the first through an OCR processor in an effort to make the text within the scanned images searchable. I’ve provided both versions to ensure transparency in the event of errors in the conversion process.